How To Open C Files On Android? 4 Best Coding Apps

As we all know, our phones play an important role in our lives, and we can now perform any task on our Android or iPhone. In the past, we would have to open our laptops to perform even minor programming tasks, but that is no longer the case. You can now complete all tasks on your Android phone.

If you’re a software developer or programmer, you must be familiar with C files. It stores the source code of an application or an operating system written in C language. It was created by Bell Labs between 1969 to 1973. This language is widely available on all platforms and it’s a low-level language that’s used for developing operating systems, drivers as well as apps. It’s designed to be used as translational code between humans and computers.

Opening C files on your Android phone seems to be difficult. In this article, we’ll go over whether we can open C files on Android or not, and if so, how to open C files on Android.

Can We Open C files On Android?

Android is a modified version of the Linux kernel, its OS family is Unix-like ( modified Linux kernel ). We can’t only compile C and C++, but we can also run C files on our Android phones. To run C files on our android phone we need a text editor app that we can easily download for the google play store. You can also use these apps for coding on your android phone.

C is cross-platform, if a program is written in C on Windows, it can run on any other platform such as Android. Because it’s a Linux-based kernel, you will encounter some limitations when running a C program on your Android phone. As we discussed you need a text editor to write and run C-language programs, then it’s critical to know which apps are best for running these programs on smartphones.

How To Open C Files On Android? 5 Best Apps

Cxxdroid – C/C++ Compiler

Cxxdroid, a great C or C++ compiler available for our mobile, is the best choice for coding on your Android phone in the C language. Because it’s an offline compiler, you don’t need to connect to the internet to run C programs on your Android phone. The features of this app make it special because it has a package manager and a custom repository with prebuilt packages for common libraries.

Examples are available to assist you if you are a beginner in the C language. This app includes graphic libraries such as SDL2, SFML, and Allegro. The app’s interface is very clean and simple to use, making it simple for beginners to learn to code on their Android phones. This app also has an extended keyboard with extra symbols used in the C language, Tabs, syntax themes, one-click share to Pastebin, and so on. It requires at least 150 MBs of storage, but 200+ MBs is recommended if you want to run large libraries.

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Termux is not only a terminal emulator, it’s also the best app to use for coding and running C programs on our android phones. It has a package manager with great strength you can install programming languages like C, Ruby, Perl, and Python with proper commands. You can also install a graphic environment within Termux, this will allow you to run Linux applications on your phone such as Gimp.

As we discussed earlier, Termux is a terminal emulator, that’s why you need to install two Termux packages (-clang and -Nano) if you want to run C programs on your android phone. These two packages are -clang and -nano. Termux is no longer receiving updates on the Google Play Store, this is because of the Google Play Store policy change. If you want to download the latest version of Termux, visit the F-Droid marketplace.

CppDroid – C/C++ IDE

CppDroid is a well-known C/C++ IDE for Android, with the primary goal of teaching programming languages and libraries. You can learn C and C++ on this app by following the tutorials, it’s a full-featured app that allows you to run C programs on your mobile phone.

It has many features, including an offline compiler (you don’t need the internet for anything), a detailed C++ tutorial and learning guide, the ability to compile C++ code without root, static analytics, smart syntax highlighting, and Google Drive support, and so on.

CppDroid UI ( user interface ) is very simple and easy to use, it works in both landscape and portrait mode. It requires 215 MBs of storage for proper operation and can’t be moved to an SD card due to Android security.

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PyDroid 3 – IDE For Python

PyDroid 3 is a powerful app that you can use on your Android phone to code. It’s essentially an educational app that assists you in learning various languages such as C, C++, Python, and so on. It has an offline interpreter, so you can run C or Python programs without connecting to the internet. It is a terminal emulator with readline support.

This app also includes a package manager, a custom repository with prebuilt wheel packages, and C, C++, and Fortran support. It has improved code navigation and a keyboard with additional Python programming symbols. This app is intended for Python programming, but it can also be used to code in C or C++ language.

This app requires 250 MBs of storage, but 300+ MBs is recommended if you want to use libraries like scipy.

C4droid – C/C++ Compiler and IDE

C4droid is the final app on our list, it’s one of the best apps for running and coding programs on an Android phone. Because it is an offline compiler, you can now create your own apps on your Android phone without needing to connect to the internet. This app allows you to export and share your apps and binaries.

It doesn’t require root to perform any operations. It also has a customizable GUI with different themes, git integration, a debugger with breakpoints, and an open-source library porting feature. It has a lot of features that other apps don’t have, but the downside is that it’s a paid app that costs $3.99.


There are a lot of apps available on the Google Play Store that can be used to open and run C files on Android, but the majority of them fall short of your expectations. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 apps that you can utilize to open and run C files on Android.

By using one of them, you’ll be able to open C files on your Android phone. Not only can you open them, but you can also code in C on your phone. Try out the apps we discussed in this article and use them for coding, then leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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