How To Fix Yellowish Screen On Android? 5 Best Solutions

Many Android users have reported seeing a yellowish screen on their devices, and it’s becoming harder and harder to figure out what the problem is. Whether it’s a manufacturing defect, due to overheating, or something else entirely, the screen becomes almost weird.

If you’re facing a similar problem on your android phone? then, you know how irritating it can be, and if you’ve tried multiple methods but are still unable to figure out how to fix it, there’s no need to worry. In this article, we’ll show you how to fix yellowish screen on android phone in a simple and easy way. Don’t worry – the solution is definitely available, and it won’t take too long, so don’t delay, and read on to learn more!

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Why My Screen is Yellowish?

One potential reason for a yellowish screen is that it may be caused by a defect that is caused due to some accident or something else. This can happen when something goes wrong with the parts underlying your phone display, and it can lead to screens yellow or orange in color.

It could also be due to overheating or excessive use of your device. Because overheating has a significant impact on mobile screen display. If the temperature of the screen rises above its maximum, it can cause your mobile screen to turn yellow or orange.

The final cause of a yellowish screen is incorrect color settings on your mobile device, or if you’re using a filter like an eye comfort or blue filter, which can cause your mobile screen to be yellow, and this can be fixed by applying simple tweaks that we’ll discuss below.

How To Fix Yellowish Screen On Android?

Blue Light Filter

Blue Light Filter is a feature that is available on the majority of modern devices. It was created to shield the user’s eyes from the radiation emitted by mobile display screens. Basically, this filter tints your phone’s display yellow, which helps to protect the user’s eyes. Most users mistakenly activate this feature and believe that their phone’s screen is damaged or something else. However, you do not need to be concerned because you can disable this feature at any time.

Simply slide down your notification panel, and look for the blue light filter; once found, tap on it to turn it off. If you want to enable the blue light filter while also reducing the yellow tint, simply tap and hold on to the blue light feature in the notification panel. This will open settings, where you can adjust the opacity of the blue light filter to your liking. Move the slider to cool color temperature to reduce the yellowish effect. Blue light filters are also referred to as comfort eye or reading mode on some devices.

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Adjust Colors

If your phone screen turns yellow or orange due to some defect or bug, This can be fixed or decreased by using the screen color adjustment feature of your mobile phone. Adjusting the colors of your phone screen makes the colors more balanced and less faded. You can do that by using the phone settings of your mobile phone. Follow the below steps in order to decrease the yellowish tint using color adjustment.

  • Open the settings on your mobile phone.
  • Navigate to display and then tap on screen mode.
  • It will display various modes and color adjustments here.
  • If the color is set to warm, then select cool to reduce or remove the yellowish tint.
  • Colors can also be adjusted using RGB sliders or a color wheel.
  • Adjust the colors to your liking and save them.

Using color adjustments, you can easily remove or reduce the yellowish tint on your mobile screen.

Adaptive Brightness

How To Fix Yellowish Screen On Android By Using Adaptive Brightness

Adaptive brightness is one of the easiest ways to reduce or remove the yellow tint from your phone display. It will adjust the screen brightness according to the amount of light that’s present in the room. This can help improve visibility and make it easier to see what’s happening on your screen.

This can help you remove or reduce the yellowish tint on your phone’s screen. It will automatically adjust the brightness based on the lighting in your room or somewhere else. This will nearly correct the yellowish tint on your phone screen.

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Night Shift App

Night Shift is a fantastic app that lets you customize the display colors of your phone screen. This app provides various filters for your smartphone screen in order to fix a yellowish tint. It can help you to improve the display of your screen by reducing the amount of yellow light. It offers a filter called no-tint that can decrease or remove the yellowish tint from your phone’s display.

It also has a pro version with features such as RGB customization, premade filters, dimming below the screen system minimum, color customization, and so on. This app’s pro version costs $3.49 for a lifetime. If you want to reduce the yellowish tint on your phone’s screen, the Night Shift app is a viable option.

Screen Replacement

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t fix the yellowish screen, it’s possible that your screen is defective. The only option left is to replace the screen of your smartphone. Because all of the solutions we’ve discussed can solve bugs or display errors. But if your phone’s display is defective due to an accident or something else, you won’t be able to fix the issue with the solutions we’ve discussed.

The only solution that is left is to replace your phone screen. You can easily replace your phone screen by contacting your phone’s manufacturer’s customer service, If your phone still has a warranty, you can easily claim it for free, or if your warranty has expired, then pay for the cost and fix your phone display.


Well, we hope that you were able to find the answer to your problem! It’s not uncommon for screens to become yellowish after extended use due to different causes. Thus, make sure you don’t ignore a sudden issue but instead try some of the troubleshooting tips mentioned above.

If it turns out that none of these solutions worked, do not hesitate and take your device to a certified technician or customer care. There might be an underlying hardware issue that needs immediate attention! If you’ve any questions about this topic then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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