How To Fix Corrupted Files On Android Phone? 3 Best Methods

One of the most frustrating things we’ve had to deal with is losing important files due to corruption. There can be a lot of reasons for file corruption on an android phone. Sometimes it’s due to some bugs, damage during file sharing, or due to viruses or malware, it also may become corrupted as a result of an external event.

No matter what the cause, if you’re experiencing file corruption, then you know how irritating it can be. Repairing corrupted files can be a daunting task that varies depending on the type of error you’re experiencing and the type of files you want to repair. If you’ve tried so many solutions and are still unable to resolve the problem, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll go over the best ways to repair all types of corrupted files.

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How To Fix Corrupted Files On Android Phone?

Photos and Videos are some of our most treasured memories, and when they become corrupted for whatever reason, it can be very upsetting. That’s why first we’ll discuss the methods that can fix corrupt photo and video files and then we’ll move further to ZIP and RAR files. There are multiple solutions are available that can fix these types of issues, some of them are described below.

Add File Extension

One popular method for repairing corrupted photos or videos on an Android phone is to change the file extension. Because sometimes file extension from videos or photos is removed due to some bug, and as a result, the file becomes corrupt. You also notice that the corrupted image or video does not have a file extension. This could be due to a virus or malware, or it could be due to a corrupt SD card. To fix this follow the steps outlined below.

  • Open the file manager app on your mobile phone.
  • Navigate to the file you want to fix.
  • Tap and hold on to the file to select it.
  • Then, in the top right corner, tap on the three dots and then rename.
  • Add the file extension for image (.png or.jpg) or for video (.mp4 to the end of the file name.
  • After adding the file extension, click rename; the file will now be uncorrupted and you will be able to open it.

If you add an extension but it has no effect on the file, it means that your file manager app lacks the ability to change file extensions. In this case install an external app, such as Zarchiver or FX file manager, and then attempt to repair the corrupted file.

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MP4Fix Video Repair Tool

MP4Fix is one of the best video repairing tools available on the Google Play store, allowing us to repair corrupted video files in three simple steps. It has many features that make this app useful. When we install this app on our phone, it automatically detects all corrupted videos. This app’s restoring speed is extremely fast, and the interface of this app is quite simple and easy to use. Simply follow the steps below to repair your corrupted video files.

  • Install the MP4Fix app on your mobile phone.
  • Launch the app and provide all necessary permissions.
  • At the bottom right corner, press the “Select Video” button.
  • Choose the video to be repaired.
  • Now, in the bottom right corner, tap on the “Repair Button“.
  • Your video will be repaired after processing, and you can watch it by tapping on the “Preview Button“.
  • If everything is fine, tap on the “Save Button” to save the video.

The downside of this app is that it can only repair video files and doesn’t have the option to repair photos.

WonderShare Repair It

WonderShare Repair It To Fix Corrupt Files

Repair It is an amazing software that can help you restore damaged videos or photos with ease. This easy-to-use tool is perfect for restoring videos or photos that have been damaged due to accidental data loss, software glitches, or even simple file corruption. In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to repair and restore your videos or photos quickly and easily. It’s only available for Windows and Mac therefore you must have a PC or Laptop to apply this method. Follow the below steps in order to fix any kind of corrupted video or photos using repair it software.

  • Install Repair It software on your computer.
  • Launch the software.
  • If you want to repair the video then click on the “Video Tab” or if you want to repair photos then tap on the “Photos Tab“.
  • Then click on the “Upload Button” at the center of the screen.
  • Select the video or photo you want to repair.
  • Click on the “Repair Button” at the bottom right corner.
  • It will take some time in processing, but after that, your video will be repaired.
  • Once your video is repaired, you can watch the preview of your video.

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Fix Corrupt ZIP Or RAR Files

If you’re experiencing problems opening files that were previously working fine, it could be because the app you’re using is unable to properly extract the file or there is corruption in the ZIP or RAR format. Fortunately, there is a straightforward way to fix this issue you need to simply install an app named Zarchiver from the Google Play Store. It is a powerful app that can assist you in opening any type of ZIP or RAR file without error. To extract zip files using the Zarchiver app, follow the steps below.

  • Install the Zarchiver app on your phone.
  • Provide all necessary permission to the app.
  • Locate the file you want to extract.
  • After finding the file, now tap on it and select extract.
  • It will take some time and your file will be extracted.

However, if the error occurs because the file was not properly downloaded, Zarchiver will be unable to open that file as well. If you’ve tried Zarchiver but are still unable to extract your ZIP or RAR file, you can fix ZIP or RAR files using disk internal zip repair or zip2fix available for Windows or Mac.


Fixing corrupted files on your phone can be easy by following the steps mentioned above and you’ll definitely find that everything comes back to normal. But don’t forget to backup all the important data before you start the restoration process.
If you lost your file during the restoring process then it’ll be very difficult to recover that file and that’s why it’s necessary to backup your file before the restoring process. If you’re facing any type of hurdle in the implementation of the process we discussed above, or if you’ve any questions about this topic, then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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