How to Decrypt an Encrypted Phone? The Ultimate Guide

In today’s modern world, where technology advances at a rapid pace, at the same time, the risk of our data being stolen is increasing. Normally, we use screen locks such as pattern and fingerprint locks to safeguard our phones from unwanted users, but in this digital world, this is insufficient to protect our phone data.

As a result, most users take precautions to protect their data from hackers, malware, and other threats. Therefore, they attempt to encrypt their phone because the main benefit of encryption is to protect your sensitive mobile data so that if the device falls into the wrong hands, the mobile owner has confidence that the data will not be used for malicious ends.

But sometimes encryption can affect the performance of your mobile phone, which can be annoying. If you’re experiencing this problem as a result of encryption and you want to decrypt your mobile phone to solve this problem. Then read and learn how to decrypt an encrypted phone.

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How to Check Encryption or Decryption?

Before we learn how to decrypt a phone, first we have to determine whether our phone is encrypted or not. To check whether your phone is encrypted or decrypted, go to your mobile settings and select the security option. After clicking on the security option, you will see an encrypt option; if it shows encrypt the device, it means your phone is decrypted; if it shows decrypt device, it means your phone is encrypted.

How to Decrypt an Encrypted Phone?

If you encrypt your mobile phone and now you are facing issues and you want to decrypt your mobile phone but you don’t know how? Then you don’t need to worry about it anymore. To decrypt your mobile phone and restore its performance, follow the method outlined below.

Simply go to your phone’s settings, scroll down, and navigate to security. Here you will find the “Decrypt Device” option. Tap on it, now, and click on Decrypt Device at bottom of your mobile phone screen. Now if you have set a screen lock then it will ask you to enter the password. After entering your password again, click on decrypt device and it will show that your android phone is decrypting.

One thing to keep in mind is that you must fully charge your phone because the decryption or encryption process will consume 70% to 80% of your phone’s battery. This process will take some time and then it will restart your mobile phone and now your mobile phone will be decrypted.

If you’re still confused about “How to Decrypt an Encrypted Phone,” then follow the steps outlined in this tutorial.

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How to Remove Force Encryption on Android Phone?

If you have tried all of the methods and are still unable to decrypt your android phone, it is likely that your phone is being force encrypted. Removing force encryption can be tricky but you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Follow the steps outlined below to get rid of force encryption.


  1. Bootloader Unlocked
  2. Decryption File
  3. Custom Recovery
  4. SD Card

Step 1: After unlocking your bootloader, install custom recovery on your phone. You should be aware that you will lose all of your internal data storage during this process, so back up your data before proceeding. Download the decryption file and save it to your mobile phone’s SD card or use a USB with an OTG cable.

Step 2: Reboot your phone into recovery mode and navigate to the wipe section and select Dalvik/art cache, cache, system, vendor, data, and internal storage. Now swipe to wipe all selected options after wiping your data, flash a ROM (optional skip if you don’t want to change your ROM).

Step 3: After flashing the new ROM, return to the wipe section and, this time, format the mobile data by typing “Yes.”

Step 4: Flash Force Decryption file

Step 5: Flash SuperSu or Magisk (Optional)

Step 6: Now simply reboot your device

After you have completed all of the steps outlined above, you will be able to remove force encryption from your mobile phone. The force decryption file can differ from phone to phone, so make sure the file you’re using is safe for your phone. Usually, this method is used for Xiaomi devices and if you’re still confused, then use the tutorial below to force decrypt your phone.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Encryption

How to Decrypt an Encrypted Phone? and pros cons of encryption

As we discussed the best methods to decrypt your mobile phone but the important thing you should know is the pros and cons of encryption if you are considering encrypting or decrypting your Android phone before making a decision.


  • Fewer chances of data hacking
  • Increased privacy 
  • You don’t need an external app to encrypt your phone 
  • It’s very easy to encrypt your phone
  • It is a reversible process if you’re facing a problem after encryption then you can decrypt your mobile phone


  • It may have an effect on the performance of an old mobile phone; usually, it has no effect on the performance of a high-end phone.
  • Not every mobile phone is simple to decrypt; some require custom recovery to decrypt.
  • There is a high possibility of errors occurring during the encryption process, making it impossible to decrypt the encrypted data. 


Encryption is a good way to protect your data from unauthorized users. However, sometimes it can affect your mobile performance, which is quite annoying, so I discussed the best methods to remove encryption. Normally, you can decrypt your phone through the phone settings, but some phones require custom recovery to decrypt. As a result, carefully inspect your phone and use the method that works best for your mobile phone. Do you have any questions about encrypting or decrypting your phone? Let us know in the comments!

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