Do Huawei Phones Work In The US? Things You Should Know

Huawei is one of the global tech leaders that was founded by Ren Zhengfei in 1987. Since then, it has become one of the mobile brands that users prefer to purchase. The reason why Huawei is so popular among users is that it offers full-featured products at affordable prices and maximizes its potential to meet users’ expectations.

Huawei was expected to become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer at the start of 2019, but who knows if it will be the scariest year for Huawei’s business. The story begins in May 2019, when the US government placed many Chinese companies on a blacklist due to allegations of security threats, with Huawei at the top of the list. This was a huge blow for the Huawei business, and it marked the beginning of Huawei’s downfall in the global market; the company faces a $30 billion loss as a result of this sanction.

In essence, the US sanctions prevent Huawei from doing business in the US. As a result, Huawei devices are no longer officially available in the United States. If you’re a Huawei phone fan and want to buy a Huawei phone to use in the US but aren’t sure if Huawei phones work in the US, don’t worry, this article is for you. In this article, we’ll find out do Huawei phones work in the US, and if they do, what issues you’ll have to deal with in order to have a smooth experience.

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Do Huawei Phones Work In The US?

It is true that Huawei is now banned in the United States, and there is no news of it being removed from the blacklist. The question here is whether we can use Huawei mobile phones in the United States or not. As we discussed Huawei is no longer officially available in the US mobile market, but there are still many options available to assist you in purchasing a Huawei smartphone.

To the question of whether the phone will work or not, the simple answer is “Yes.” If you import a Huawei phone or get it from another source, you can freely use it, the sanctions are only that Huawei can’t do business in the US and can’t form co-work relationships with any US company, and can’t officially sell their phones in the US market. However, you can import a Huawei phone for your use but keep in mind that there will be numerous issues to overcome in order to have a smooth experience.

Problem For Huawei Users In The US

Do Huawei Phones Work In The US? and Problem For Huawei Users In The US

If you’re planning on buying a Huawei phone, be aware that there are several issues that you’ll need to take into account. Some of these problems are listed below.

Carriers Support

Since Huawei has been the subject of multiple US government sanctions. Many US carriers are distancing themselves from Huawei, this is because the sanctions on Huawei were due to security threats therefore many popular carriers like Verizon do not support Huawei devices. This has created a problem for Huawei’s users in the US – as they no longer have a reliable carrier to use. However, you will face no problem using Huawei phones with your home wifi network.

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Google Suspension

Following the imposition of US sanctions on Huawei Google announced on May 19, 2019, that it is discontinuing support for Huawei phones due to national security concerns. This means that Huawei phone users will be unable to access Google services such as Google Play and other Google products.

This came as a huge blow to Huawei users and they started to fear that Google will stop working on their phones as well. However, the phones Huawei released prior to the ban still support Google Services and the Play Store. But, despite this, Huawei has recently returned to the market, launching its own operating system called Harmony OS as an alternative to Android, which is great news for its users. We can hope that Huawei will successfully return to the global market.

App Breakdown

Following the Huawei ban, it is obvious that Huawei devices do not have access to Google Play services. As a result, Huawei phones do not have a play store to install different applications, but you can do so via other means. However, you will be unable to use apps that require Google Play service access to work around, this can be a huge headache for users who want to use those apps on Huawei a device.

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Purchasing Issues

If you want to buy a Huawei phone in the United States, you may run into some difficulties. As we all know, Huawei no longer officially sells smartphones in the United States. Even on the US version of Huawei’s website, only older phones are available, and they are also out of stock. However, you can purchase them from third-party vendors available on Amazon and eBay.

But there will be some compromises that you must make, such as a warranty. If you purchase a smartphone from one of these third-party vendors, you will receive no warranty and the device will be factory unlocked. But if you’re keen to buy a Huawei smartphone then these third-party vendors can be a viable option to go with.


Overall, Huawei is in a difficult situation, but it’s still trying to come back into the market. The brand has faced serious allegations in the US that have crippled its business in the country. In fact, even after two year and a half since this incident, some customers are still wary about buying Huawei smartphones due to such an incident.

But now Huawei is trying its best to make a return in the global market and that’s why it launched its own operating system, Harmony OS, and it is hoped that Huawei will soon establish a strong presence in the global market. What are your thoughts on Huawei’s situation? we will love to know, write your thoughts in the comment section.

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