7 Best Keyboards For Samsung Tab S6 Lite – Ultimate Guide

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Samsung released the Samsung S6 Lite in 2020, which was one of the most interesting devices with an S-Pen, and now Samsung has launched an updated version of that tablet, which can be described as one of the most budget-friendly tablets with all of the features found in expensive and flagship tablets.

If you recently purchased the Samsung Tab S6 Lite 2022 Edition, you’ve made the right decision. It offers the experience of an expensive tablet and will not let you down in any way. With the recent One UI 3.1 update, Samsung Dex mode was added, which allows users to use their tablet as a desktop.

However, in order to fully utilize this mode, you will need to purchase some accessories such as a keyboard that is compatible with the Samsung S6 Lite and can provide a smooth experience. But Samsung doesn’t offer an official keyboard for that, so finding one that offers a smoother experience will be a daunting task. To make things easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of the top 7 best keyboards for Samsung Tab S6 Lite that will work well with Samsung Dex.

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7 Best Keyboard For Samsung Tab S6 Lite

Arteck HB030B

best keyboards for samsung tab s6 lite

The Arteck HB030B Keyboard is one of the best keyboards available for tabs and phones. It is a keyboard that is super slim and easy to carry, which is ideal for anyone looking for a cheap and convenient way to write or type on their phone or tablet. Plus, its slim design makes it ideal for taking along with you on your travels.

This ultra-thin keyboard features standard QWERTY keys and special shortcut keys that are easy to use on your tablet or phone. The keys are well-designed and offer a comfortable feel. It is a backlit keyboard that can provide seven different cool colors. Compatible with all three major operating systems: Android, iOS, and Windows.

It has a long-lasting battery that can provide six months of battery backup and can be recharged with the included charger. The keyboard is very thin and compact, making it easy to carry around. So, whether you’re looking for a basic keyboard for typing emails or essays, or just want something more convenient, the Arteck Portable Keyboard is a great option to use with your Tab S6 Lite.

Seenda Backlit Keyboard

best keyboards for samsung tab s6 lite Seenda Keyboard

The Seenda Backlit Keyboard is a stylish and smart keyboard that has you covered in all aspects. The perfect accessory for anyone looking for an easy way to type. It is a backlight keyboard that makes it stylish and easy to see what you’re typing in low-light conditions.

Furthermore, the keyboard is well-designed and has a stylish appearance. It has whisper low-profile keys and a scissor-switch design that makes typing quiet and comfortable. Seenda Keyboard also includes an integrated stand for holding your phone or tablet. The keyboard supports multi-device connectivity, which means we can connect three devices at the same time.

The keyboard has a seven-color backlight that provides a cool gaming look while also being useful in low-light conditions. In terms of battery life, it has a 1000mAh battery that last about 3 months without backlights. It is a low-cost keyboard with bulk of features, making it an excellent choice for mobile phones or tablets.

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CoastaCloud Backlit Keyboard

best keyboards for samsung tab s6 lite Coasta cloud keyboard

The Coastacloud Backlit Keyboard is perfect for those looking for a stylish and functional keyboard. It has many features that make it perfect for use with the Samsung Tab S6 Lite. It’s also a backlit keyboard that offers seven different colors for a cool look.

This is great because it means you don’t have to strain your eyes to type in dark environments, or if you want a gaming look, then this keyboard is perfect for you. It has ABS material and a spring mechanism under each key for a tactile response to every keystroke. It also comes with a stand holder in the box for easy holding of your tablet when you are using it with the keyboard.

The battery life of this keyboard is approximately 140 hours on a single charge. Design-wise, it’s a slim keyboard that’s small enough to fit in your bag and highly portable. Overall, the Coastacloud Backlit Keyboard is a good option to go with for a stylish and comfortable typing experience.

Logitech K380

Logitech K380 best keyboard

The Logitech K380 is one of the most famous keyboards for tablets, which is a wireless keyboard that was designed for on-the-go use. It features a compact design, that makes it easy to access all the keys for comfortable typing in any situation. The layout of this keyboard provides a minimalist look with great functionality.

It’s a multi-device keyboard, so you can use 3 devices simultaneously with easy switching, including compatibility with Windows, Mac, and Android. The battery in this keyboard has a battery backup of at least 2 years with normal use.

It has a long-range connection of 10 meters, which means you can use it within that range with a fast typing response. It is an OS-adaptive keyboard, so you’ll get easy shortcuts to perform your tasks. Overall, it’s a lovely keyboard that will provide an incredible experience when used with the Samsung Tab S6 Lite, and you’ll be able to fully utilize its capabilities.

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Fintie Keyboard Case

Fintie Keyboard Case For Samsung Tab S6 Lite

Fintie is a case brand that makes cases for various technology devices, and the Samsung Tab S6 Lite keyboard case is one of their best-selling products. It’s a wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case that features a detachable wireless Bluetooth keyboard – all in one simple package.

It’s stylish and functional, and it will keep your tab protected from scratches and other damage. It has a durable PU leather cover and an anti-slip rubber-lined interior. As far as the keyboard is concerned, it is a standard keyboard with a decent design. The keys are fluid for quick typing and can provide a pleasant experience.

The case allows you to set your tablet at different viewing angles to get comfortable while using the keyboard. In terms of battery. It has a big battery that seems to last a fairly long time. It comes in a variety of colors and designs to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your specific needs.

Logitech K480

Logitech K480 Smart Keyboard

The Logitech K480 is a multi-device Bluetooth keyboard that’s perfect for on-the-go productivity. It has wireless technology, so you can stay connected even when you’re away from your tablet or computer. Its comfortable layout makes it easy to type fast without straining your hand. Plus, it allows you to switch between three devices including a tablet, phone, or computer.

There are several reasons the Logitech K480 is such a versatile tool. It has an integrated rubberized cradle that allows you to easily hold your S6 Tab. This eliminates potential issues with holding the tablet and makes typing more comfortable overall. The build of this keyboard is very decent, but could be better, still reliable, and the keys are nicely designed.

The Logitech K480 includes two AAA built-in batteries that can provide battery backup for up to 24 months. It is compatible with Android, iOS/Mac, and Windows, and it can be easily used by connecting via Bluetooth. In terms of compatibility with the Samsung Tab S6 Lite, you will have no problems using it, and it can be easily held in its cradle and used with Samsung Dex.

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Sparin Tablet Keyboard

Sparin Tablet Keyboard Slim and Smart

The Sparin Tablet Keyboard is the perfect way to boost your productivity on your Samsung Tab S6 Lite. It features a slim and lightweight design for easy portability. It’s an ideal keyboard for users looking for a convenient and easy way to type on their Samsung Tab S6 Lite.

The keyboard has a large battery that can provide long-lasting battery support. A scissor foot and chocolate-colored keycaps make typing comfortable and quiet. It easily connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, works at a distance of up to 10 meters, and gives a quick response on every input.

It also provides keyboard shortcuts that you can use to perform tasks very fastly. Overall, the Sparin keyboard does a good job of getting great performance out of the Samsung Tab S6 Lite, it is also reasonably priced, costing around $19, which makes it a great option to go with.


Now that you have a list of the best keyboards for the Samsung Tab S6 Lite and a suggestion about which one to pick, it is time to get typing! All these keyboards are equipped with a bulk of features. These accessories will not only make working on your new tablet faster but also more comfortable.

Furthermore, all of these keyboards come at affordable prices that won’t force you to compromise on quality, and all of these keyboards are exceptional when it comes to comfort and stability. Did we miss any good keyboards? Comment below and tell us what you feel about them!

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